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Thoughts from the Tech


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Marquita Seifried
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This is an example of my bitmoji!

What To Do When Your Printer Starts Printing Out Poor Quality Prints

If you printed out a paper and it had missing segments or the colors are off it is time to do a nozzle check and probably clean the print heads. This is not hard and I made a video to walk you through the steps. 



August 15th

Wow! It is already time for school to start! As I prepare for a new year and a new position I get so excited to share all kinds of COOL STUFF for teachers to use in their classrooms. Where oh where to start. I think I will begin with Bitmoji's. They are a fun way to create an avatar that looks like you. Most people hate to see photos of themselves so this lets you create a cartoon replica of yourself. Mrs. Hedges is using theme as a theme in her room this year. Once you make yours you can download the app to your phone and you use them like emoji's. Go ahead and try it! I think you will have fun with it.


July 9, 2016

I have run across my newsletter from Vicki Davis, aka CoolCatTeacher, she had included a "Super" handout called 50+ Fantastic Tools for Schools Superhandout in it. I wanted to share it with everyone because in the summer we have a little time to explore new tools and do some planning for the next year. Vicki Davis is one of my favorite educators to follow. She allows leads me to new learning, isn’t that what we want our kids to do? As professionals, that is what we should do too. 

This summer connect with other educators in your area and grow. So many times you will learn new things that motivate you, or inspire you.  When you connect and follow with others through Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, web sites you are creating a PLN (personal learning network). I am planning some staff development meetings for next year that will help guide those of you who need assistance getting started. 

If you want to add me to your PLN(Personal Learning Network) I am on Facebook & Twitter @lifelonglearner, or you can follow my blog.

Thoughts from the Tech

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