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Seiling Public Schools


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Seiling Music Festival Criteria

                                                            SEILING MUSIC FESTIVAL




Piano solos are to be judged by years of experience, NOT by grade in school.  All solos are to be memorized!  Piano duets do not have to be memorized.  Appropriate piano literature according to years of experience should be used.





Suggested Criteria


Solos are to be judged by years of experience, not by grade.


Beginner -          Simple melodies, using correct articulation and rhythm, beginning concept of phrasing- all Grade 1 Method Book solos of appropriate length are acceptable. 


First Year -         More advanced melody line and accompaniment, emphasis on tone production, musical effect displayed- all Grade 1 Method Book Solos are acceptable.





Suggested Criteria


Beginner Band -              Unison and 2-part melodies, beginning choral harmonies, short concert pieces from any band method books, or short pieces written for Level 1 bands are acceptable.


First Year Band -             Longer pieces with more musical challenges, phrasing, rhythm, and dynamic contrasts displayed, beginning concept of melody versus accompaniment (stress correct articulation and tone production), pieces from Level 1 and 2 band method books or short concert pieces are acceptable.






Suggested Criteria


Grades K-1                     Nursery rhymes, easy folk melodies, limited-range melodies


Grades 2-3                     Longer songs involving extended range from C-E, folk songs, more difficult nursery rhymes, correct posture and breathing


Grade 4                         Show tunes, more difficult folk songs (with extended verses), more advanced melody line, exhibits correct breathing, posture, and vowel formation


Grades 5-6                     Appropriate pop and show tunes, folk songs with more musical challenges, songs to display dynamic contrasts and phrasing, beginning art songs and spirituals, exhibits correct posture, breathing, and vowel formation


Grades 7-8                     Folk songs, art songs, and spirituals





Suggested Criteria


Grades K-1                     Unison singing


Grades 2-3                     Easy partner songs, easy descants, 2 and 3 rounds


Grade 4                         Longer partner songs, longer descants, 3 part rounds, easy 2 part songs


Grade 5                         Longer partner songs, more difficult descants, 3 part and 4 part rounds, 2 part songs, canons


Grade 6                         Longer partner songs, more difficult descants, 3 and 4 part rounds, canons, 2 and 3 part songs


Grades 7-8                     Contest appropriate material








Required to sing two selections by different composers


Will be given 30 minutes to warm-up and 15 minutes to perform


Will be judged on vocal qualities, exhibiting correct breathing, posture and vowel formation







Set up, performance, and take down will be limited to 15 minutes.


Show Choirs will be judged with emphasis on dance or showmanship as well as vocal qualities.


A sound system and risers will be available if needed.


Groups will be given 30 minutes to warm-up.