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Seiling Public Schools


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Building Update

Photo by Wally Cox

January 6, 2020

Repairs continue to occur in the new school building during the Phase 1 warranty period. Trainings on various building components continue to occur as well.


The Phase 2 part of the project is also nearing substantial completion.  This includes the softball field, the multi-purpose building, the canopies at the classroom building, the signage, the landscaping, and the parking lot and its lighting, along with existing building repairs and updates.


January 18, 2019

The Commons Area / Cafeteria

Library / Media Center
The Elementary Wing

Early Childhood Playground Equipment

Upper Elementary Playground Equipment

The Secondary Wing


January 04, 2018


    The classroom building is continuing to take shape. ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) work is nearing completion, and concrete pours for the walls and floor slabs will progress as the temperature permits. This also applies to the masonry work. Electrical/ data/ plumbing in-wall rough -in continues to take place.    
    Steel trusses have been placed in the commons area (cafeteria) along with steel joists in preparation for roof decking and insulation. Massive steel beams are also being put in place to support the composite concrete construction of the safe rooms. Current photos are available by clicking on the Bond Issue Update under the Administration button.

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November 08, 2017

Classroom Building Progress

Construction on the new classroom building is progressing.  Rough-in utilities have been installed, and foundation work has been completed.  ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) work on the exterior and interior walls is progressing.  Slab preparation and pouring follows this in phases.  Masonry work has begun, and electrical/data/plumbing in-wall rough-in is now taking place.

 Weather delays in the Spring have pushed the possible move-in date to early September of 2018


August 08, 2017

Classroom Building Progress

Construction on the new classroom building is taking place behind the existing school building. In March and April, utilities, including electric, gas, water, sewer, and telephone lines were relocated to allow for continual operation of the school building while construction of the new classroom building takes place. The maintenance building behind the school was taken down after the exterior metal and door were salvaged. Approximately 1,000 truck loads (over 17,000 loose yards of fill dirt) were moved to the site. The source pit for the fill dirt was tested for compaction prior to its selection. The fill dirt was checked at nine inch lifts for proper compaction in preparation for the building foundations. After the building pad was completed, drainage systems were installed underground outside the areas where foundations will be installed in preparation for drainage around the new building. Next, a system of rammed aggregate piers was installed to support the foundations. More than six hundred were installed. They were formed by equipment compressing rock under high pressure in an eighteen inch diameter hole approximately twelve foot deep at 6 foot intervals. Now, rough in plumbing and utility risers for the new building are being installed, and foundation work has started.

May 12, 2017

The groundbreaking was completed on May 12th, 2017. 


Pictured are: Jim Pittman, County Commissioner Dillon Berry, Superintendent Randy Seifried, Kirk Pittman, High School 

Principal Dariss Servis, Board Member Jason Smart, Mayor Mick Louthan, Board Member Lance Fuqua, Board Member

Bob Tate, Board Member Roy Jones, Board Member Zack Nichols, Elementary Principal Brandon Nyberg, Todd Kourt, 

Brody Hedges, Tommy Nichols, Alex Tune, Miranda Gilchrist, Jan Smart, Ashley Sander, Gayla Goodman, Brock Gore,

Alli Hedges, Aiden Biggs

Construction Site

March 20, 2017

Demolition began to clear the area where the new school building will be located.

Our hope was to schedule a ground-breaking ceremony in February, but we were unable to do this because we had some

components of the classroom building that had to be re-bid. Once these are finalized and approved by the Board, we will

schedule a ground-breaking ceremony. In the meantime, site preparations for the new classroom building are underway.



March 13,2017

Utilities were being relocated



New water lines are being installed to provide adequate supply for the new classroom building.


Materials which can be reused were removed from the maintenance building.


January 20, 2017

The most immediate focus of our bond issue has been on the new Pre-K – 12 classroom building. I know that the planning for this facility has taken a great deal of time, but this is a building that has been designed to serve our community for many decades, so it has taken time to effectively do this. The main building plans are now 100% complete, and planning for the multipurpose facility and softball field are underway.

A pre-bid meeting was held December 29th, 2016 at 10:30 a.m. in the cafeteria to disseminate information about bidding requirements and timelines in relation to the main building. I supplied our construction management team with a list of local and area tradesman and contractors so they could contact them with information about the project. A “Notice to Bidders” was also published in our local, as well as area newspapers and on-line.

Bid Packages for most trades were due for the new Elementary-Secondary Building on Thursday, January 19, 2017, at 2:00 p.m. here at school with the remainder due January 31st. All bids will then be evaluated and later acted upon at a Board meeting. A ground-breaking ceremony will then be scheduled in February. Update: See March 20, 2017 post.

August  10, 2016

Civil engineers have finished surveys to pin point new construction locations and elevations in relation to paving and grading, drainage, and utility relocation both temporary and for the completed projects. Subsurface testing has also been done in the new construction areas to check for soil types as they relate to foundation support and construction.

In June a group of Board members and I traveled to new elementary schools in both Marlow and on base at Fort Sill in Lawton to view various types of new construction and materials as we try to finalize the design and materials utilized. These facilities were designed by the architects who are working with our District. The design of the Pre-k – 12 building has been adjusted so that the entire building will have sloped roofs.

April 6, 2016

Thank you to the residents of our school district for supporting the school bond issue. Your support will positively impact our school/community for future generations to come.

March 2016

Seiling School Bond Issue Information


This is the first of two articles that will provide information about the upcoming bond issue.


Our Elementary School was built in 1925, and our Secondary School was built in the 1940’s with additions in the 60’s and 70’s.  These buildings have served our community well, but sagging wooden floors, and constant infrastructure problems with plumbing, heating, and air conditioning demonstrate the need for new facilities.


The proposal for the new Pre-K through 12 Classroom Building includes the following:

18 Elementary Classrooms

17 Secondary Classrooms/Includes a new Ag shop

7 Student Support Rooms/Classrooms

2 Saferoom Areas

Full Service Cafeteria

Library/Media Center


This building will be located directly behind the existing building.


A new Multi-purpose Facility is also included in the proposal.  This will be located at the south end of the football field and will be used for football, baseball, and softball.  It will house the following:

Concession area


2 Locker Rooms

Batting Cages


A new Softball Field is also included in the proposal.  This would be located to the south or east of our existing baseball field depending on available space.


A new Parking Lot and Bus Loop are included as well.  These would be located where the existing building stands.


Refacing and Repair of Existing Buildings is also included.  This refers to those buildings close to the new school building.


The cost for property owners will be a projected increase of 37.28% on annual property taxes.


This means that for every $100 paid in property taxes last year there will be an additional $37.28 if the bond initiative is successful.  The following is an example.


current                                post bond                           annual                  monthly

taxes                                   taxes                                increase               increase

$100                                    $137.28                             $37.28                  $3.11

$300                                    $411.83                             $111.83                 $9.32

$500                                    $686.38                             $186.38                $15.53

$1000                                  $1372.75                           $372.75                 $31.06

The cost of the project is $28,125,000.  If passed, the bond initiative will be on tax rolls for 16 years.


The School Bond Election will take place Tuesday, April 5th, 2016.  Regular polling places will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.  School Bond Elections must receive a super majority (60% of vote) in order to pass.  If you have been unable to attend the meetings, please call the school at 580-922-7383 for information.

Additional information relating to the Bond Initiative:

The information in this article relates to questions and concerns that have been discussed at our school meetings and various other meetings.

Are we going to keep the underground?  Yes, but if we connect to it with new construction, that area would have to be brought up to current construction codes.  That means that an additional set of steps with landings would have to be installed.  In addition, an elevator and restrooms that would require pump systems would also have to be installed.  Our District would be investing several hundred thousand dollars into an area that leaks on both sides of the ramp and in other areas when we have heavy rains or the water table rises.  Yes, we will still be able to utilize the underground for special activities and as a community storm shelter.  The new school design includes saferooms in both the elementary and secondary wings.  The Pre-K and Kindergarten classrooms will have ten inch concrete walls and eight inch concrete ceiling caps.  These classrooms have restrooms, supply storage, and FEMA rated steel doors and window enclosures.  In the secondary wing, the Art room and the Family / Consumer Science classroom will be saferooms.  These rooms will serve as above-ground saferooms for both severe storms as well as lock-down for security.  Both of these areas will have a backup generator to supply power if needed.

Are we eliminating our Ag program?  No!  Agriculture is extremely important in our area, and if anything, we are trying to expand that program.  The new Pre-K -12 building includes two Ag classrooms and a new Ag shop.  The District will still utilize the classroom in the current Ag building as its Alternative Education classroom, and the existing shop area will be utilized as our maintenance area since the maintenance building will have to be removed to make room for the new building.  This building along with the show barn will be refaced i.e. new paint and possible brick façade.  The show barn will continue to be used as it has been in the past.

At the Ag farm, our District will consider utilizing the area from the waterway back to the northwest for the new softball field.  If there is not enough space available, then the area to the east of the baseball field will be considered.  If additional space is needed in the future for the Ag farm, the District will explore the possibility of adding property to the east.

Can we tear off the part of the building that is in the worst condition and just build that part?  If that were done, then new construction would have to take place to close in the remaining part with new walls and doorways.  When that occurs, the remaining part of the building would have to be brought up to current construction codes, including installing sprinkler systems and a possible firewall to an area where we continually have plumbing and infrastructure problems.  In addition, all restrooms and entrances would have to be ADA compliant.  The old high school part of the building was built in the 1940’s; therefore, we would be investing several hundred thousand dollars in to an area of the building with wooden floors.

Bringing these existing areas up to code would be very expensive and not cost effective considering the age of those facilities.  The cost of new construction increases on average at a rate of 3 to 7 percent yearly. According to the architect and construction manager for this possible project.

Another concern is related to the amount of money allocated for the new concession stand at the football field.  More appropriately termed, that is a multi-purpose facility that will house a new concession area, restrooms, and dressing rooms that will accommodate football, baseball, and softball.  This area will also house batting cages for baseball and softball because we have a large number of students who are participating in these sports.  Many area schools already have facilities that house batting cages on their campuses including Mooreland, Shattuck, Leedey, Cheyenne and Hammon.  Building a softball field would allow our students to have a full-size field on campus where they can practice and host games; therefore, they would not have to get in a vehicle or bus for transport to practice or to play games at home.

What will this cost?  The Ballot Proposition has the bond amount totaling $28,125,000.  This includes construction costs and financing.  If passed, the bond initiative will be on tax rolls for sixteen years.  The construction time would take approximately 18 months.

The majority of the construction cost of this proposal is for the Pre-K-12 building.   The projected tax increase of 37.28% will be the result of our sinking fund millage increasing from 1.69 to 25.16 mills.  That would bring our current total millage requirement for our school in Dewey County to 86.44 and 84.81 in Woodward County.  For District residents in Major County, the projected millage is 100.06 because all Major county residents contribute millage to the Career Tech in Fairview.  Still, our school millage requirements would be less than many of the districts in this area.

All registered voters in the Seiling District, which includes areas in Dewey, Major, and Woodward counties can vote on the proposal.

Many people have stated that they do not have any kids currently enrolled in our school system; however, in 1925, this community came together to provide the children of Seiling with an educational facility that has served many generations.  We now have that same opportunity to build a safe and up to date facility that will provide education for future generations of Seiling citizens.  This ensures that our students and our community will continue to thrive. 

Please call the school if you need additional information at 580.922.7383.  


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Utilities were being relocated.
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Utilities were being relocated.
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Utilities were being relocated.
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Utilities were being relocated.
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Material which can be reused were removed from the maintenance building.
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Material which can be reused were removed from the maintenance building.
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New water lines are being installed to provide adequate supply for the new classroom building.
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Demolition began to clear the area where the new school building will be located.
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Demolition began to clear the area where the new school building will be located.
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Demolition began to clear the area where the new school building will be located.