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Helpful Links for EDUCATORS

Where the cool stuff is.....


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Please be patient, this is a work in progress. 

Teachers and students if you have a tech issue that you need help with email tech@seiling.k12.ok.us

Internet Browsers

Google Chrome

Mac or PC

IE- Microsoft's- Internet Explorer

Window's only



Mac or PC



Mac or PC

Get familiar with all of them. Some web sites work better with one than the other. 

Internet Browsers are what you open to get you out to the internet. The links here take you to the download page for each just in case you do not have one loaded on your machine.

Which browser is the most popular?

Online Databases
List of the Best Online Databases  The site to the left is immense and it will take days to check out all the resources there. Let me know your favorites and I will put a quick list to them here.      
Media Resources
Encyclopedia Library of Congress  Oklahoma History Center Research Room  Daily Oklahoman Archives 
American Journeys  Smithsonian Quests 

The National Archives Experience Digital Vaults 

Professional Development Workshop Links
Google in Education  Twitter  TweetChat  OklaEd Chat Blog  Edmodo 

The link above is also vast in resources from Google. 

New Resource 

Google CLASSROOM is AWESOME! Start here:


This is one of the greatest ways to connect with other teachers and learn/share what is happening in education, your classroom, etc.  Seiling's hashtag is #seilingpd

Do a search in twitter for it and you can see all the staff's posts. 

This is the link to TweetDeck

Once you have your twitter account you can join many education "Twitter Chats" This link lets you be in a twitter chat and it automatically hashtags your comments. 

This is a link to common education Chats & the associated hashtags.


Weekly Twitter Chats

Oklahoma Educators Blog site 


Join Edmodo and then join this group:

OTAEM2013 You can then access resources from ANY of the Encyclomedia/OTA conference 

Break-out session codes are here.

 Malware Bytes - Are pop ups ruining your day. Download free version of this and get rid of the malware on your machine causing a problem. Class Dojo- A fun classroom management tool that lets take attendance and give positive and negative feedback to students in live time. FREE 

http://www.wikispaces.com/content/teac is a site that you can use to create your teacher web site. We can link it to your home page on this site.




Sites I want to check out 


Data Collection tool- create assessments and scan the bubble sheet with the web cam on the computer to grade instantly!

This is a blog review of the site. http://www.littlebullmusicblog.com/2013/11/gradecam-data-collection-analysis.html 

Bitmoji create and avatar for yourself to use on class materials, texts, etc.      
VariQuest Cutout Maker Resources

http://www.variquest.com/customer-resources  You can scroll to the bottom of this page and watch how to run the cut out machine and the VariQuest Design Center.

There are also videos for the Poster Maker.

Cut Out Maker Content Guide

VariQuest on Pinterest


Learning resources for educators/students 




Leveled Literacy intervention Unpacking videos        
dropbox link for resource documents email tech@seiling.k12.ok.us for a dropbox link for literacy first resources      
Getting remote help with a software issue on your machine
joinme.com  go to this site and start a meeting and call me. Then you will give me the code that generates for your meeting and I can see your machine.    

Disclaimer:  Many of the sites linked through this web page  have been created by other organizations. The  School is  not responsible for the content of these sites nor does it necessarily agree with or condone the information found within them. The links to these sites are offered as an aid in navigating the Internet.

Helpful Links for EDUCATORS

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